Rules for Submissions

It's simple, just email us a few samples of your latest work (in low res please). And if you like, also send a brief description about yourself along with a self portrait or photo. Emails can be sent to the submit email below.

Just a little FYI: Our main gallery page is updated frequently, so if you’ve submitted your work and don’t see it, don’t panic! We’re only a tag team here at Paper Magu gallery and can only get to so many submissions. We ask that you resubmit your work as many times as possible.

For Those Who Want to Know...

In short, we love art. And because we love art, we believe that no art should be censored or hidden from public viewing. We believe that adults should have the ability to see whatever art they see fit, provided it does not infringe on someone’s rights (feeling offended does not count as infringement of rights).